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 Medical Incinerators

Model YD-30 Incinerator

Model YD-50 Incinerator

Model YD-100 Incinerator

Model YD-150 Incinerator

Model YD-300 Incinerator

Model YD-500 Incinerator

 Small Incinerators

Model YD-15C Incinerator

Model YD-20C Incinerator

Model YD-30C Incinerator

 Pet Crematory

Model SYC-50 Incinerator

Model SYC-100 Incinerator

 Economical Incinerators

Model YZ-20 Incinerator

Model YZ-50 Incinerator

Model YZ-100 Incinerator

Model YZ-150 Incinerator






CLOVER Incinerator

  Clover Medical Limited, leading waste incinerator manufacturer in China and one of the biggest incinerator exporter all over the world. Clover supply high quality incineration equipment for medical waste treatment, family pet cremation, animal incineration and other solid waste treatment.

  We are well-known in waste incinerator field all over the world and can delivery products to anywhere in the world. We currently have incinerators located in many continents around the world.

  Clover are committed to improving our environment and are constantly developing new technologies to clean our environment.


  • Medical Incinerators             

  • Pet cremation

  • Poultry farms                 

  • Sheep farms             

  • Industrial incinerators              

  • Veterinary incinerators

  • Kennel&Stable waste

  • Pig farms

  • Wood&paper burning



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