waste heater suppliers from china

Incinerate: medical waste as well as additionally basic waste Capability to melt waste:
Absolutely automatic, high-efficiency burners with electronic ignition, flame recommendation in addition to burning control devices fitted.
Electrical supply.
Incineration temperature: 950-1300 levels centigrade.
3. Great cycle.
Hands-on ash removal from the key chamber. (Ash doors are easily provided as needed).
Waste heater manufacturers from china, PLC system providing control of:.
400-500kg/ human resources.
Waste Type in Addition to Melt Rate.
Diesel: 8/ 10 litres per hr.
2. Missing cycle (variable).

· Usage: For medications

· With Chassis to be Placed in truck/lorry

· May have a main along with Additional combustion chamber

· Should have a dilution chamber

· Ability: 100 Kgs per hr

· Resource Of Power: Diesel or Natural Gas or Liquified Gas