medical waste diesel incinerator

Refractory Casting: Minimum 65mm.

Optimum Operating Temperature level:1450 oC( Afterburner chamber).

medical waste gas heater Burning Cost:47.5–– – – 50kg/hour.
5) Completely separated quartz/ceramic tube, to provide security and protection for the person (no open flame).
Regular burn out time: optimal:3 humans resources.
2) Defenses versus over-voltage and over-current lineup issues.
Gizmo for protecting versus communicable spatter and/or cross-contamination by firmly disinfecting needles, rings, and much more by infrared warmth.
Home time in additional chamber:2 sec.
Electric characteristics.{
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4) Quick complete sanitation in around 5-7 s.
Thickness Insulation:20 mm High.
3) Conformity with relevant Haitian standards in addition to regulations.