hospital incinerator manufacturers

hospital incinerator manufacturers, Waste streams of petrochemical unit collect and store in Transit and Sorting Center.
–    Buried materials
All solid wastes have to be transferred to storage pit from Transit and Sorting Center. Solid wastes storage pit is input of rotary kiln.
–    Input wastes to static kiln, consist of fluids and gasses.

The Incinerator Plant is output wastes incineration from Different petrochemical units. In this project we want to incinerate all output wastes from petrochemical units and also produced high pressure steam from incinerator plant heat generated.
–    Materials (wastes) that can be sold.
Storage and stabilization capacity must be considered based on worst case (shut down).
Suitable wastes are classified into the two categories:
Tanks, Pumps (Transfer, Loading & Unloading), Agitator (Mixer), Blanketing System, Flare system, Instrumentation and Control Systems, etc
All fluid wastes must be stored and stabilized in Transit and Sorting Center. All storage and stabilization devices or facility must be considered. Storage and stabilization devices (facility) consist of:
–    Materials (wastes) that need to be stabilized before buried
–    Input wastes to rotary kiln, consist of solids and waste fluids.
Generally incinerator plant includes two similar trains (capacity of each train is 100 percent ). Each train consists of a rotary kiln and a static kiln.