Dual Burning Chamber Containerized Mobile Incinerator

Double Combustion Chamber

Waste Burner Mounted in ISO 20′ ′ ′ ′ or 40 ′ Container before leave Factory. Normal Waste Burning Cost from 10kgs to 150kgs per human resources.

Free Installation

The incinerator format with primary burning room, additional burning chamber( post burning) as well as dry scrubber optional. This style will lower black smoke, dropped totally as well as Environmentally Friendly.

Mobile Incinerator

The incinerator positioned currently in the container, complete with gasoline system, electrical system and also the control circumstance repaired already. Take care of smokeshaft and link electrical will surely wait for operation. It’s portable with car to anywhere or emergency situation demand.

Containerized Incinerator

Cost: upto 150kgs per hr

Containerized Incinerator: we shipment incinerator as well as likewise container to customers, no need to assemble incineration residence.

Double Combustion Chamber

Combustion Chamber: upto 1500Liters

Key burning for waste feeding as well as burning and also added burning to melt smoke only.

Incinerator Moveable by truck

Number weight: 4Ton to 9Ton

Mobile function to anyplace or option to client at their area website.

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