animal incinerator

Logic Programmed Control of 2 Burners

Array Of Pre-Set Burn Times

Fuel Saving Burner Efficiency Control Program with Constantly Running Fans

Temperature Monitoring With Separate Displays for Primary/ Secondary Chambers

Auto Control

Manual Control

Timer Control 0-24 Hours

Integral Fun Timer Control



Operating Features


Time to Temperature: 35 Minutes

Gas Consumption: Gas or 8 Liters per Hour (Diesel) Or Less

Burning Capacity about 30-40Kg/Hr

Weatherproof (Ip65) Control Panel with PLC Showing Operation & Temperatures

Recommended Loading Being By Regular ‘Top Ups’ For Successful Combustion

Main Chamber Burners Automatically Switched Off At 900C for Fuel Efficiency

Dry Ash Waste Could Be Removed By Vacuum Unit Is Necessary

Electricity Supply: 230V, 50H, 10amp, Single Phase

Machine Shipped In Two Part