Afghanistan hospital incinerator

hazardous waste disposal incinerator

Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS100(PLC) HICLOVER TS150(PLC)
Burn Rate (Average) 100-150 kg/hour 150-200 kg/hour
Feed Capacity(Average) 200kg/feeding 300kg/feeding
Control Mode PLC Automatic PLC Automatic
Primary Combustion Chamber 1200Liters(1.2m3) 1500Liters(1.5m3)
Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm 1500x1000x1000mm
Secondary Chamber 600L 750Liters(1.0m3)
Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes
Feed Mode Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V
Power 0.7Kw 1.5Kw
Burner Type Italy Brand Italy Brand
Oil Consumption (kg/hour) 21 24
N.Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) 25 29
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes
Temperature Thermometer Corundum Probe Tube, 1400℃Rate. Corundum Probe Tube, 1400℃Rate.
Temperature Protection Yes Yes
Automatic Cooling Yes Yes

Packaging, labelling Packaging, labelling and shipping must be compliant with national and international standards and regulations and in accordance with UNOPS packing and labelling instruction as indicated in the UNOPS GCC.
Please fill in information:
Name of manufacturer municipal solid waste incinerators:

Bidder must be able to supply all the optional items listed below.
Installation and Commissioning, Operator training, Spare parts package and Maintenance
Installation and commissioning The unit shall allow for easy and quick installation without specialized tools/equipment and without high skilled manpower required, optimizing the number of assembly/installation steps with separate items reduced to a practicable, shipment weight.Operator training The operator/trainer will be provided on a day-rate reimbursable basis. The bidder must specify the minimum scope of work in terms of operator working days and travel days. Rates for these to be provided on the financial offer form.The manufacturer should permanently mark on the incinerator indicating: (i) manufacturer’s name or trademark (ii) style, type, model or, date of manufacture of the incinerator (iii) capacity in terms of net designed heat release in heat units per timed period (i.e., British Thermal Units per hour, mega joules per hour, kilocalories per hour).
Operations store “The unit shall be supplied with a lockable operations store, that shall be initially supplied with the following consumables:
• A first aid kit, suitable for addressing the hazards presented by the unit.
• 5 full sets of personal protective clothing and equipment.
• Operating logbooks.
• Unit cleaning equipment.
• Unit routine maintenance equipment and associated spare parts.
• Lubricants as appropriate.
• 3 Fire extinguishers.
• Any other consumables considered necessary by the Supplier.
The main task of the operator will be to deliver a centralized product familiarization course which will focus on providing hands on training to the client’s staff regarding the installation, commissioning, disassembling and re-packaging and maintenance of all the incinerators supplied under this Contract. This training session shall be held at the client’s location as well as potential assigned alternative locations. Training shall be conducted for each type of incinerator unit at the time of arrival and assembly of the incineration units. Spare parts and consumables The proposed incinerator systems shall include all necessary spare parts, PPE, and consumables required for 2 years of operation. The supplier is to provide a proposed list of spare parts for the incinerators. Mandatory spare parts must include as a minimum waste incineration plant:
“• thermocouple
• temperature gauge
• fire rope
• burner
• induction air fan
• digital temperature display panel”
Optional maintenance service The contractor shall deploy an expert, fully equipped with all required tools and equipment, to the client to provide maintenance service of the installed waste incinerators, including all the parts and components (e.g., burners, ignitors, temperature gauges) when required.