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Dual heat burners and dual chamber incinerator Burning capacity up to 30 Kg per hour Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber(Main body stainless steel) Secondary Combustion Chamber(Main body stainless steel) Mix-Combustion Chamber Wet Scrubber( Washing Tower)(Main body stainless steel) Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters  Stainless Steel Italy gas burner: 02 sets Oil Tank (if oil fuel): […]
We are china incinerator manufacturer, contractor and exporter. Manufacturer make reasonable price for incinerator customer, supply medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, animal incinerators, hog incinerators, pet cremation equipment, small incinerator, pet incinerator, animal incinerator, portable incinerator, small animal incinerator, infectious waste pyrolysis machine, laboratory incinerator. HICLOVER help customer reduce purchase budget, custom made function, quality products […]
Model CA100 Photo Waste Therapy Medical Waste Incineration Therapy Feed Ability Ordinary 100-200 kgs per feed Burning Rate Typical 100-120 kgs per hr Burning Time per Feed Standard 1-2 hr Control Setting PLC( Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Voltage 220V Power 1.0 Kw Fuel Diesel oil Burner Italy Heater Feed Mode Handbook Temperature Monitor Digital Screen […]
Items/Model TS50( PLC) Picture Principle Strong Waste Incineration Burn Price 30-45 kg/hour Control Mode PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Burning Chamber 560L Inner Measurements 100x80x70cm Secondary Chamber 280L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Guide Voltage 220V Oil Intake (kg/hour) Average 13.3 Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** Temperature Display Digital Show Temperature Level Defense Yes Oil […]
Items/Model TS100( PLC) Photo Concept Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Price 60-80 kg/hour Control Mode PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 1200L Interior Measurements 120x100x100cm Second Chamber 600L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes( Dry Scrubber) Feed Setting Manual Voltage 220V Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 20.4 Gas Intake (m3/hour) *** Temperature Monitor Digital Current Temperature Level Defense […]
Items/Model TS500( PLC) Picture Concept Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Price 150-200 kg/hour Control Placing PLC( Programmable Logic Controller Burner) Combustion Chamber 2700L Interior Dimensions 190x120x120cm Second Chamber 1300L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Handbook Voltage 220V Oil Intake (kg/hour) Regular 28 Gas Usage (m3/hour) *** Temperature Display Digital Screen Temperature Security Yes Oil Tank […]
Layout CA-200 Image Burning Rate Ordinary 100 kgs/hour Key Burning Chamber 2000 Liters Additional Burning Smokeshaft Yes Feed Mode Guidebook Voltage 220V Power 3.0 Kw Fuel Kind Diesel Oil Burner Italy Original Oil Usage (Diesel Oil) Typical 53 kg/hour Interior Dimensions 230 x 100 x 90cm (primary chamber) Topical Dimensions 290 x 200 x 170cm […]
Burner for healthcare facility waste observation with the adhering to attributes: – In high temperatures (pyrolytic burner 2 chambers with temperatures ranging from 950 º C to 1320 º C; – Ability to harm of 400 to 600kg per hr; – Efficient in destroying microbes; – Drain ash; – Drain needle as well as glass […]
Hospital Waste Management as well as Competitive prices as Pakistan is a competitive Marketplace. Air provide Electric Barometric index, door controlled draught limiter
As the slaughtered pigs are consumed by more than 90 percent (from hooves to. Blazing 100/200 kg of animal items each day as well as also the FOB. Small quantities of waste do not seem to warrant the installment of a. 6 Burner must operate in two systems Electric and also fuel explain in which […]
The Chamber volume of approximately 0.37 m3 and also a. consumables 2 Burner power of around 189,000 kcal/hour. . Packaging/Installation: Burner fully set up and all set to be connected in power source User’s guide: Bundle has to be given with user’s guide containing described information to installation, process, upkeep, analysis of problem shooting signals […]
Primary chamber — Consists of a monolithic high grade refractory concrete with high grade insulation backing,. Implementing a refractory hearth or equivalent for continuous ash removal. Secondary Chamber — Consists of high density, low thermal mass refractory ceramic fiber with an innovative low emissivity protective coating. Insulation    Material    Ceramic Fiber Heating Source    Natural Gas + […]
INSULATION. Calcium Silicate. The Essential burning chamber should Ensure minimum departure temperature level is not much less than 850 ° C Wetness Web content: 10-25%. ·???????? THROUGHPUT. 50kg/hour at a small calorific worth of 4,000 kcal/kg as well as an average bulk thickness of 120kg/MCubed for basic waste and 160kg/MCubed for healthcare waste.All sorts of […]
Huge incinerators – – INDUSTRIAL INCINERATORS – – specs below. 2.) Dimension need for the burners is 750 — — 850 kg capacity 3.) The bum rate have to be 80 LL 100 kg/ hour. 4) The key chamber shouId have a working temperature level of 900 -1200 level C. 5) The incinerator must despise […]
Burring Ability 100/ 200 KG/ human resources Please Make your offer here 2. Intake: 8-10liter/ hour 3. Ability: to cremate (carrion and also spoils) 350-400kg/ hour 4. Temperature amount: 900-1350? C 5. Operation temperature: -30 ~ 40? C 6. Burner weight: 1800-2000 kg 7. Number: 0.70-0.80 m/cube
SMART ASH INCINERATORS FOR THE DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTE Expired Medicines Liquid. Waste liquid pharmaceuticals, various kind fluid chemicals for treatment, medical oil as well as paraffin based finished medications Ended and/Or Contaminated Food. Waste lead acid batteries, drained/ un-drained as well as complete or smashed Hazardous Medical Waste. Cloths, absorbents, cardboard, oil and fuel […]
? Refractory concrete:. Density: ≥ 100 mm. Nature: 42 percent of Al203? Insulate in fibrous panels: Thickness: ≥ 75 mm Character: Magnesium silicate. ? Burner of illumination of waste, with fuel, traditional mono-bloc spreading directing plunging fire, illumination and also safety and security of electronic ignition, irreversible ventilation, Burning chamber should harm the pollutant thing […]
● Able to shed 25-30kg per hour · Total waste created each day: 10-12 tonnes; · Hours of Operation: 10 hrs per day; · Fuel requirement: Diesel or waste oil selected yet LP gas is going to be thought about;. Diamention: Size (mm). Secret Features. House Time in Second Chamber. 1320
the Entire carcass of animals (Horses, Cows, Burners should be available in the fuel tank (diesel ). Which are taken care of from another place by the operator. Graphic photos. ? PLC controller as well as a built-in temperature panelita full. Automated control, a control computer program, which can be kept. ? Should be a […]
1. 9. Steel gas storage tank from black steel (capability less than 2500 litres) and will be installed at the incinerator Space. The container will be provided with all needed installations consisting of fill, vent, drain as well as overflow line, level sign and also access for evaluation and also maintenance. Degree switches over will […]
1. 2.9 Exhaust Purview a) Combustion performance (C.E) shall go to the minimum 99.00percent where C.E =%Co2 x 100/ [% Co2 + carbon monoxide gas] b) The temperature level of the principal chamber will be 800 +/- 50 degrees centigrade. 1. Total plant format C ) The secondary chamber gas home time will go to […]
Waste type: healthcare waste it’s lugged from the floor degree on a substantial steel support structure. Inside the covering is lined with calcium silicate insulation in addition to a warm face blend of exceptionally obligation brickwork or higher stamina castable. the principal burning chamber must make certain minimum departure temperature is little less than 850? […]
Hazardous and also unsafe wastes, Ability 50 Kg/h Functioning Voltage. 200 beds Input Fashion. 0.065 NOX. . Electric and digital wastes 2 burning cabinets (dampness drying, heat dirt elimination) Combustion/ Heater. Furnace gateway. Coal oil, diesel oil Temperature level inside Incombustible and also eruptive products not admitted Process way. 1.3 KW Sound Gas. Chimney. Blower. […]
b. Article – combustion chamber: – Deal with all the gas has a minimum temperature level of 1100 ° C using a minimum residence time of two secs the afterburner is to; – An extra air injection is expected as well as gives best oxygen material; – The heater makes sure a minimum temperature of […]
Incinerate: medical waste and also basic waste Capacity to melt waste: · Use: For medicines · With Chassis to be Placed in truck/lorry · May have a main along with additional combustion chamber · Should have a dilution chamber · Capability: 100 Kgs per hour
Operational qualities. Minimum Operating Temperature:850 o C( key combustion). 7) Mounted on a steady base, as per instance below. Operational qualities. 4) Rapid full sterilization in around 5-7 s. 5) Totally isolated quartz/ceramic tube, to provide security for the individual (no open flame). 6) Functioning temperature level around 820 ° C. 7) Mounted on a […]
The Incinerator Plant is result wastes incineration from Different petrochemical devices. In this job we need to blaze all output wastes from petrochemical devices and also created high pressure steam from burner plant warmth created. Tanks, Pumps (Transfer, Loading & & Unloading), Agitator (Mixer), Blanketing System, Flare system, Instrumentation as well as Control Solution, Etc […]
In a simple design with a metal steel drum electric. including: Includes all necessary accessories A combustion chamber with fireplace with a filter to retain ashes; Residency time in second chamber    2.0 seconds External Dimensions Semiautomatic control board A turbine  letting the supply of the atmosphere. (primary chamber) Ancillaries Recommended Spare list GLP Gas Min. […]
medical waste incinerator china, Design, supply and Fabrication ex works of a Single Surefire Manual Load TS50/1 Medical/General waste incinerator as detailed below: – ·         Waste type: Mixed type o,1,2,3,&4 hospital/clinical bio hazard waste ·         Waste density: 125 to 350Kg/M3 ·         Waste CV: 4000 KCAL/kg ·         Moisture content: 10-25Percent ·         Estimated ash residue: 5-10Percent ·         […]
Temperature Controlled Heater. Burners to be made to meet the Norms of Pollution Control. Modern technology: Heavy-duty covering, to be a high quality, rugged, reliable, affordable Burner with applicable control, very easy to operate and also self-supporting. Systems to be pre-assembled, pre-piped, pre-wired & & analyzed prior to Transport/ Export. Note: Comparable Modern Technology and/ […]
china medical incinerator Capability Medical waste burner,. ? The burners will certainly be mounted with visual alerts to signal procedures of reduced temperature in the secondary chamber. (Kitchen region and lodging and grey water and black water plant removing waste) we need burner is each function different are done in one burner we desire notified. […]
7.     A 99.99% destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) for each principal organic hazardous constituent (POHC) in the waste feed where: DRE = [(Win – Wout)/Win]*100 5.      There should be no drinking or smoking on the site. C.E=% CO2           x 100 Any other device or measurement that may be considered necessary 8    Location […]
Ability Not much less than 500Kg/hr. Burning chamber 2 burning chamber. Ash Removal It need to be vehicle ash removal system. . The quotation ought to included list of original spare parts for 7 decades. Temperature.
Our typical activities generates 2-5 tons of different waste products daily which vary from condemned carcasses, and also medical incinerator primary combustion price other wastes all which will need to be blazed at over 800Centigrade gauged flue exhaust gas.To be used by small health care facilities and facilities to safely take care of infectious in […]
INCINERATEUR DE DECHETS HOSPITALIER hospital incinerator Design SPECIFICATIONS TECHNIQUES. 13) Flammable prévu Gasoil. 14) Br?leur en chambre de combustion nbr?: 1. 15) Br?leur en chambre de postcombustion nbr?: 2 CONSTITTUTION DE L’APPAREIL. 1. CHARGEMENT. Système de chargement hydraulique afin de pouvoir battery charger le 4 en toute sécurité même durant child fonctionnement et aussi assurer […]
* clinical burners, The insulation of the burning chamber have to be composed of refractory bricks, having a. ? . ? Protect in fibrous panel:. * A gadget of injection of air allowing a entire recombustion of gases,. The outside sheet metal. ? Refractory concrete:. * Carcass in solid sheet steel with support of link. […]
* A button circuit breaker for each engine (ventilators and also heaters). * An additional injection of air to create sure excellent oxygen content. 22. 25. The technical training of drivers will have to be offered and also given by a professional from This Item and also tools should include in the drop of the […]
waste itself, operating conditions in the drop room (i.e. temperature level, holding time along with turbulence) and also driver ability. The technique used is necessary in identifying what can securely be burnt. Particular wastes can only be incinerated getting the most out of gear that has been particularly developed and also equipped with enough air […]
Petrol: diesel Consumption: 8-10liter/hour Capacity: to cremate (carrion and spoils) 350-400kg/hour Temperature: 900-1350?C Operation temperature: -30~40?C Incinerator weight: 1800-2000 kg Volume: 0.70-0.80m/cube Exterior dimension: 1.4-1.6*1.0-1.15m (L*W) A burner stands for a complete service to the trouble of disposal of all medical facility waste types. The liquid gas is diesel. The burner ought to meet the […]
The incinerator plant will incorporate a control board for the own procedure. On the control panel we’ll have a visual display of the room temperature levels. This aesthetic display should manage and keep an eye on the burner in addition to his performance. Capacity of destruction in weight will be 60 Kg/h. It must be […]
“PYROLYTIC” burning, by controlling the gasification of waste The incinerator manufacturer should remain clear of the launch of black smoke as well as great dust, during the loadings. it’ll have the ability to decrease the number of wastes by 98%. It shall have the ability to hold discharge in the second drop with gas residence […]
1) Policy – – Waste disposal administration will be taken special note to prevent health center infection. – – Infections wastes shall be cared for, stored only and burned by a burner situated at hospital site. 2) Waste Disposal Plan a)Classification – – Medical wastes in healthcare facility are categorized as follows; Infections Waste Specially-controlled waste Organ, […]
1. of main and secondary air? 6. Does this offer control interventions to change waste feed, grate rate, as well as temperature, volume and distribution