Day: April 9, 2022

CONTAINERISED WASTE INCINERATOR Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS150(PLC) Picture   Burn Rate (Average) 100-150 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 300kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 1500Liters(1.5m3) Internal Dimensions 1500x1000x1000mm Secondary Chamber 750Liters(0.75m3) Smoke Filter Chamber Wet Scrubber Feed Mode Manual/Mechanical Voltage 415V 3P Power 10.0Kw 3.1. THE PRESENT SITUATION IN SOUTH SUDAN IS HOSTILE, UNPREDICTABLE AND […]
Intermittent Feed (w/optional loader): .9 yd3/hr (.7 m3/hr) up to 8 hrs/day         Specifications: Length overall -9′-6″ (2896 mm) batch system w/o loader         18′-6″ (5639mm) w/optional loader system Width overall -7′-6″ (2820mm)         Height (w/o stack) -10′-0″ (3048mm) Approx. Weight – 14,000 pounds.   Note: […]
Maintenance control recommendation. 2.3 Ash. Additional components and also consumables recommended by the Distributor. ▪ The key combustion chamber is the significant framework of the. certification. ▪ The system provided will be established to run normally under ▪ The maintenance agreement cost includes work, transport and also. A cover; ▪ To supply diesel services storage […]