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include automatic stop/start programmed timer control, flame failure gear and ignition failure gear to close off the fuel supply in case of malfunction. The burners shall be mounted so that waste can’t block the fire ports. —   Blood bags & tubing, gloves, Gowns, curtains, etc.. —   Contaminated packaging: bandage etc Each burner shall be designed […]
Oil tank with 2000Liters capacity Items/Model TS150( PLC) Image Principle Waste Incineration Therapy Burn Rate Requirement 100-150 kg/hour Feed Ability Standard 750kg/feeding Control Setting PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Burner) Text Steel 8mm thickness Chamber Product High Alumina Fire Brick Wall Surface, 1750 ℃ Rate Paint for outside face 800 ° C Rate Combustion Chamber 1570L […]
The incinerator plant will incorporate a control panel for its own operation. On the control panel we will have a visual display of the room temperatures. This visual display must control and monitor the incinerator and his performance. Ability of destruction in weight will be 60 Kg/h. It should be able to operate not less […]
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Incinerator Variation CA100, Summary combustion chamber with 02 units oil burner, batch load incineration equipment. Animal feed  chamber is 560Liters (Model CA100). Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and smoke  filter chamber with firebrick and  refractory concrete chamber. Batch load on the bottom of  chamber. Incinerator panel control suit for local […]
Waste Incineration Treatment Burn rate (rate of waste incineration) -at least 50 kg per hour  Oil tank smoke filter room Items/Model TS100( PLC) Image Principle Waste Incineration Therapy Burn Cost Typical 50-100 kg/hour Feed Capability Average 200kg/feeding Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Incinerator) Burning Chamber 1000L Internal Dimensions 120x100x90cm 2nd Chamber 540L Smoke Filter Chamber […]
All particles of this waste should achieve a high degree of sterilization instead of just “disinfection” because of the continuous agitations Description of the Treatment Cycle of the chip i) Loading * The waste has to be loaded by falling bagged and or boxed waste into the open loading door on the vessel. * The […]
HICLOVER incinerator exert the advantages and discard the disadvantages of the same kind of equipment at domestic and abroad. It is an unique and international advanced medical waste incineration equipment. The equipment is small size, high efficiency, reasonable process, leading technologies and a high harmless degree, ideal garbage treatment equipment for hospital, laboratory, hotel, station, etc. […]
Double Combustion Chamber,Double Italy Burner,Smoke Filter Included,Burning Rate: 50-200kgs per hour optional,Primary Combustion Chamber: 1.57M3(1570Liters),Incinerator Mainbody steel: 8mm thickness,Paint for outside face: 800°C Rate,Chamber Material: High Alumina Fire Brick Wall, 1750℃ Rate,Idea for campsite average or below 600 people,Chimney: 10 Meters, Stainless steel… Items/Model TS150( PLC) Principle Waste Incineration Treatment Reduce Rate Average 150 kg/hour […]
Containerized Incinerator is one type of mobile incinerator. we build the incinerator and mounted the incinerator into shipping container(20′ container or 40′ container), with necessary Basic work, such as flooring, lighting, wiring, etc. Items/Model CA30 Picture Reduce Rate Common 10 kg/hour Feed Capability Average 30kg per feeding Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Combustion […]
Medical Waste Shredder    Ability: Should be 150 liters.  Should be capable to shred up to 100 liters of the treated waste. 7  The technology should be capable to deal with hospital waste including sharps such as needles, lancets, scalpels and soft materials like bandages.  Must render the waste to be […]
Petrol: diesel   Consumption: 8-10liter/hour   Capacity: to cremate (carrion and spoils) 350-400kg/hour   Temperature: 900-1350?C   Operation temperature: -30~40?C   Incinerator weight: 1800-2000 kg   Volume: 0.70-0.80m/cube   Exterior dimension: 1.4-1.6*1.0-1.15m (L*W) An incinerator represents a comprehensive solution to the problem of disposal of all hospital waste types. The liquid fuel is diesel. The […]
The publications listed below form a part of this specification to the extent referenced. The publications are referenced in the text by basic designation only. A1) Technical Specification: Incinerators All types of diesel fired incinerators acceptable for HCW may be provided as long as they can safely treat medical waste. The equipment should be compliant […]
Piping and stack connection locations and sizes.   Technical data including temperature rating and arrangement of refractory and insulation.   Weights of unit and loading diagram of foundation. Evidence that contractor has coordinated support requirements with base design.   Recommended anchorage to foundation. Seismic requirements apply. Submit calculations by professional engineer.   Predicted external surface […]
Waste Heater Design TS150 PLC, Review Construction is dual/double combustion chamber with 02 sets oil burner, batch load  incineration equipment. Waste feed chamber is 1570Liters (1.57m3, TS150 PLC).  Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and smoke filter chamber.  Batch load on the bottom of chamber. Incinerator PLC panel control suit for local operation. Primary Combustion Chamber:  […]
Key Features: — Full range incinerator with Economized Small Scale incinerator,  Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator, General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator,  Pet and Animal Cremation, Containerized Mobile Incinerator, High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator. — Single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators. — System solutions for medical waste environmental. — […]
Construction is dual/double combustion chamber with 02 sets oil burner, batch load  incineration equipment. Waste feed chamber is 1570Liters (1.57m3, TS150 PLC).  Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and smoke filter chamber.  Batch load on the bottom of chamber. Incinerator PLC panel control suit for local operation. Primary Combustion Chamber:  ※Main Feature: — Double Combustion Chamber […]
The incinerator shall be equipped with a Diesel oil tank which will be supplied with DO from our DO tank located in the power station. The tank shall be equipped with level switches and proper solenoid valves for automatic filling of the tank. The tank shall also be equipped with a magnetic level indicator, level […]
Control Mode PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Face Oil Paint 800 ℃ Combustion Chamber 768 Liters (0.768 M3) Inner Measurements 1200x800x800mm Added Chamber 384 Liters (0.384 M3) Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Manual Voltage 210/240V 50Hz 1P Power 1.3 Kw Oil Intake (kg/hour) Average 20.4( D.O) Thermal ability( kw/hour) 166-332 Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** […]
A chamber of short article burning of gases is dual/double combustion chamber with 02 units oil burner, batch load incineration equipment.  Waste feed chamber is 1800Liters (1.8m3, TS250 PLC). Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and smoke filter chamber. Batch load on the bottom of chamber. Incinerator PLC panel control suit for local operation.  * A […]
Supporting Gas Diesel Kind of Heating Unit Monoblock Automated heating units Temperatures Key Chamber: 800 ° C ± 50 ° C. Extra Chamber: 1300 ° C ± 50 ° C. Kind. 240 W. Pump pressure. * Make-up of the refractory Burning Capacity Max. Refractory thickness. 240 W. Vacuum pressure. 115 mm thick. Product. Type. Centrifugal. […]
Spare part list –Following burners Item description                                                No of required Motor     2 Control box  2 Pump couplings   4 Photo cells    Two Sets ht. Sets electrodes    4 Oil valve       1 Nozzle   two   Spare part list –Ram loader Item description                                                No of required Reed switch          4 Seal kit  1   Medical waste incinerator Accessories -Clean […]
Medium Unit – to handle an average waste production of 500 kg/day.Minimum load capacity: 600 kg.Maximum load capacity: 1,000 kg.Nominal burning rate: 55-80 kg/hr (= 440 C 640kg range per 8hour day). Items/Model TS50( PLC) Image Idea Waste Incineration Therapy Melt Price Criterion 50-100 kg/hour Feed Capability Typical 200-300 kg/feeding Control Mode PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Optional Upgrade Containerized Mobile Kind Burner ISO 20′ ′ ′ ′ Complete Container Burning Chamber 560L Interior Measurements 1000x800x700mm 2nd Chamber 280L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Guide […]
* medical incinerators, The insulation of the combustion chamber should be composed of refractory bricks, having a ?     Refractory concrete : ?     . * Composition of the refractory; ?     * A device of injection of air allowing a Whole recombustion of gases,
We supply Double Chamber Incinerator with primary chamber size average 1570Liters and burnning rate 50kgs per hour,100kgs per hour,150kgs per hour,200kgs per hour. the incinerators are now ready for shipping. Contact with us for quick respond: +86-13813931455 Secret Product Listing per 01 collection Trick Burning Chamber Secondly Burning Chamber Smoke Filter Chamber Incinerator PLC Control Situation Smokeshaft:10.0 Meters […]
The heater with dual/double combustion chamber in addition to completely dry filter chamber, two gas burner from Italy created, hot sale version for small range waste result, the ability is 30kgs per hr in addition to likewise 50kgs per individual resources. We are famous small scale incinerator manufacturer and brand, dispatch incinerator products  and best […]
HICLOVER now provides additional components such as: — — — — Burners (diesel oil, LPG or gasoline ) — — — — Facet for heaters — — — — Fire ropes — — Incinerator chamber maintenance items smart — — — — Air Follower
The switchboard shall operate in a room Using the following prevailing conditions:   –      Maximum ambient temperature of 40 0C –      Maximum relative humidity of 95% –      Saline atmosphere –      Altitude: in sea level –      Climate type: Wet and humid coastal States with cyclone associated to a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean MAIN […]
  The panel and parts hereof shall have the following characteristics:         End   All metal parts shall get a treatment taking the prevailing environment conditions into account.         The top paint color shall be the Manufacturer’s standard.         Wiring is connected to terminals blocks in […]
All numbering will be carried out in compliance with the corresponding circuit diagrams and wiring record.   Component Marking         All elements inside the switchboard shall be marked for identification.         The  marking  shall  be  effected  by  material  resistant  to  the  prevailing  environment conditions.         All  […]
We seek a lasting growth consequently we are embracing an enduring medical waste monitoring system, that includes building a modern long-lasting incinerator that will certainly not only provide for our center yet also for the many other centers in the larger place of the location. Waste type: health care threat waste and standard waste (adsbygoogle […]
Throughput: 50kg/hr in a tiny calorific value of 4,000 kca/kg in addition to a typical mass density of 120kg/m3 for basic waste as well as 160kg/m3 for healthcare waste. Restricting constant solution restriction 1500? C. Waste density: 125 to 350Kg/M3 Maximum operating period: 12 hrs. Warm face item:. Normal intake: a minimum of 3Ltrs/hr. Trick […]
INCINERATEUR DE DECHETS HOSPITALIER hospital incinerator design SPECIFICATIONS TECHNIQUES. 5. CHAMBRE DE POST COMBUSTION ? Affichage des  températures  des deux chambres 2-3-Aménagement 5-3 -Accessoires ? Soupape de régulation de l’air soufflé  asservi par la sonde du débit  d’ oxygène 7. BRULEUR DE LA CHAMBRE DE POST COMBUSTION ? 6. PRODUCTION DE L’AIR COMBURANT DE LA […]
Basic Info. Model NO.:furnace for incineration of animal waste Export Markets:Global Product Description Secret Features:. * Free or minimal installation on site. . 3. Neighborhood & & Sea Port & Station: Municipal Strong Waste, etc.. . * One year guarantee on burner and also parts in supply. Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC) TS100(PLC) Burn Rate […]
All tags with text shall be in English.         Earthing System   All normal non-current carrying metal parts of the panel and related parts shall be secured to a common aluminum earthbar running the whole length in the switchboard.   The earthbar shall be found in the lower part of the frame […]
Spare part list- ignition burner Item description                                                No of required Motor     2 Control box  2 Pump couplings   4 Photo cells    Two Sets ht. Sets electrodes    4 Oil valve       1 Nozzle   two   Parameter Compliance Type of Waste To treat medical waste, categories A,B,C,D,E Type of Incinerator Pyrolytic Nominal Burn rate 50 t0 60 kg/ hr […]
Incinerators to be very effective, fuel efficient with high / low capacity burn speeds The supply will include the particular equipment for successful waste management as stated above for a new personal environment contract management firm with planned operations 2013 in Indonesia and Thailand, and 2014 in West & East Malaysia to carry out those […]
    The incinerator shall be able to incinerate both liquid and solid as per data below;     Liquid waste to be incinerated   The sludge to be incinerated is composed exclusively of a water and oil mix in any percentage from the diesel power plant running on heavy fuel oil. A sample specs […]
30 August 2013 Last upgraded at 21:18 BST Five councils in south eastern Wales have developed a partnership to look after black bag waste in a proposal to minimize rubbish going to garbage dump. Write-up appreciated quote by the community Environment contributor Iolo ap Dafydd reports. Article priced quotation from the network
Ability: 20KG/Hr, Temp Variety: 600 Deg. C– – 1100 Deg. C Gas Supply: Natural Gas/Diesel Dual Burning Chamber Complete Scrubbing System (Dual Resulting Gas Washer), Double Blower, Chimney Elevation: 8m Electric Supply: 220/240Volt, Single Phase 1. 4. Duration– – heater will certainly be made use of every day: (Minimum 12 hrs) SOW 8. Fuel proposed […]
for Hospitals, Waste Keeping Track Of System, CSSD, Medical Facility Home furnishings as well as also Companies. We are based in the Resources city of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad, where you will find all the head offices of Armed forces in addition to Govt. establishments. We have the ability to Participate in tenders and we also […]
The sludge shall be properly atomized by means of compressed air in the burner in order to ensure complete combustion of the sludge. Both compressor and receiver shall be mounted on the same slide as the incinerator.     The incinerator shall also supply digital mimic window for tracking of the feed rate of the […]
Power Use: 75 KW (Initial Plenty ). MOC: Mild Steel Power Coated. Kind: Centrifugal Kind. { (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});|} Capacity:2 HP/3Phase. Make of Electric Motor: Kirloskar/ Havells/Crompton.
4. Does it attend to control remedies to alter waste feed, grate speed, in addition to volume, circulation and also temperature level of major and also additional air? 6. Does this include system that instantly stops waste feeding when combustion standards aren’t ideal? 2. Can it be provided as a continuous system? 5. { (adsbygoogle […]
Capacity    less than 500Kg/hr. Fuel    it ought to be double system, such as diesel and natural gas. Operation    24hr-7days/week continuous operation. Retention time    Of the flow gases less than 2 Sec in the hot portion. Feeding System    Should be auto feeding system into primary chamber. Temp.     Wet System    If the machine equiped with a […]
Burning rate: 250 Kg/hr. It should be able to Operate not Less than 10 hours/day This incinerator must be able to destruct all combustible wastes produced by hospitals, private clinics, laboratories, institutes, etc… Design Specification: Types A, B, C, D, and E of medical waste “PYROLYTIC” combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste. The incinerator […]
Solid waste to be incinerated     Cartons,  rags,  cotton  and  other  wastes  associated  with  production of power loaded in the incinerator in bags. These pumps shall deliver waste oil from the incinerator sludge mixing tank to the incinerator. Operation and management of those pumps shall be completely automatic. A linear negative feedback control algorithm […]
NO All the incinerators to be supplied and installed must meet the Government of Kenya waste Management Regulation 2006 in particular 3rdschedule regulation (26, 47) pertaining classification, standards, criteria, and procedure for installing/operating incinerators as authored by the National Environmental Management and Coordination (waste management) regulation 2006, legal notice No. 121 of 29th September 2006 The […]
1) Policy – – – – Incinerator: 2) Waste Disposal Plan a)Classification it’s designed to sanitize medical waste, reduce its amount, and make its components unrecognizable all in one completely restricted in addition to automated system. Infections Waste Specially-controlled waste Organ, needle, etc. Industrial waste Rubber gloves, etc. General waste Gauze, etc. General Waste Plastic, Rubber Infusion […]
“PYROLYTIC” burning, by managing the gasification of waste The incinerator manufacturer need to remain clear of the launch of black smoke along with excellent dirt, during the loadings. It will certainly be able to lower the number of wastes by 98%. It shall have the capability to hold discharge in the next shed with gasoline […]