Month: February 2020

Dual heat burners and dual chamber incinerator Burning capacity up to 30 Kg per hour Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber(Main body stainless steel) Secondary Combustion Chamber(Main body stainless steel) Mix-Combustion Chamber Wet Scrubber( Washing Tower)(Main body stainless steel) Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters  Stainless Steel Italy gas burner: 02 sets Oil Tank (if oil fuel): […]
Temperature Display & PLC Control Case Primary Combustion Chamber Incinerator Main Body Italy Oil/Gas Burner ***Primary Combustion Chamber ***Secondary Combustion Chamber***Smoke Filter Chamber ***Chimney:10.0Meters ***Incinerator PLC Control Case ***Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units ***Oil Tank (if oil fuel): 200Liters Items/Model TS100(PLC) Principle Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Rate Average 100 kg/hour Feed Capacity Average 200kg/feeding Control Mode […]
Key Features: — Full range incinerator with Economized Small Scale incinerator, Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator,  General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Pet and Animal Cremation, Containerized Mobile Incinerator,  High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator. — Single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and  multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators. — System solutions for medical waste environmental. — […]
Incinerator for Animal Crematory Pig Farm Model A1200 *** 3 sets Burners *** Good for animals or big pets *** Double Combustion chamber *** stainless steel chimney *** Italy made oil burners *** 1200Liters(1.2m3) big chamber Model A1200 Picture Burning Rate Average 50 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Average 100 kgs/feeding Primary Combustion Chamber 1200 Liters Secondary […]
Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber Secondary Combustion Chamber Mix-Combustion Chamber Smoke Filter Chamber Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters *(upgrade to Stainless Steel, free cost) Italy oil burner: 02 sets Oil Tank: 150Liters Mobile Trailer for Incinerator Model YD-50C Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) Average 20-50 kgs/hour Feed Capacity (kgs) Average 80 kgs/feeding Equipment Weight 2500 kgs(Incinerator) Primary […]
 We finish this project in year 2010 to 2011 and delivery to Hochiminh port, Vietnam with 1×40’feet open top full container. Items/Model YD-500 Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) 500 kgs/Hr. Feed Capacity (kgs) 800 kgs Equipment Weight 13000 kgs Primary Chamber (Liters) 4000 Secondary Chamber (Liters) 1500 External Dimensions (cm) 320x220x460 Internal Dimensions (cm) 257x147x108 Oil Tank(Liters) […]